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The Concept of the Hoffmann-Dovetail Key
Hoffmann Dovetail Keys are the invention of Hoffmann Maschinenbau GmbH Germany.

The dovetail shape is a proven mechanical feature, already used in many avenues of industry. Hoffmann have adapted this feature to create the double dovetail Hoffmann Key. Not only accepted in the woodwork industry, but requested and required to maintain production levels of leading manufacturers.

A Classic Proven Feature - The Brilliant System
The dovetail shaped Hoffmann Key is a classic proven mechanical feature, recognised for its precision and performance - not only in mechanical construction but also in woodworking.

The principle function makes the Hoffmann Key the ideal jointing method: Because of the precise double dovetail shape of the Key and the exact routed dovetail slots the jointed parts are drawn together to form an accurate, secure and permanent joint. A joint is produced which is locked together by configuration and has no further requirement for alignment aids or clamping systems. In some situations, glue is not required as the strength of the joint is adequate.

The joints can be successfully made as square butt joints or any required angle.


Dovetail joints are:

Reliable, substantial and versatile

Without doubt, solid and secure

Up to 70% time saved (compared with other systems of joining)

We're found in the best joints!
Whether for industrial  use or craft workshops:
Hoffmann Keys are efficient and basically problem-free, either as single joints or as completed units.

The work-pieces are held together firm and fast by the serrated sloping inner sides of the dovetail keys. These serrated sides grip into the wood drawing the adjacent parts firmly together. The grip of the key prevents the sliding of the jointed parts.

The principle is seen at its best in mitres and designed to create pressure to the surfaces.


Finished in a few seconds

  1. A dovetail slot is routed in the faces of each part
  2. These are placed together and a Hoffmann double dovetail key is inserted...finished!
  3. All jointed parts can immediately be further processed without waiting for glues to dry

MU 2 - Manual Dovetail Routing Machine

Manual bench-top model.




PP2 Unit Pneumatic Dovetail Routing Machine

Pneumatic bench-top model.




PU 2 Pneumatic Dovetail Routing Machine

Pneumatic freestanding model.




PU 2-TL- Manual Dovetail Routing Machine

Free standing production unit for multi angle applications.




MU 2-P Pneumatic Dovetail Routing Machine

Pneumatic bench-top model.




PP 2-VH / PP 2-H

Dovetail routing machine is used for both vertical and horizontal routing operations.