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kreg pocket hole machines



Pocket Hole Machines for all levels of joinery from

 the occasional user to full production workshops.

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Kreg K3 Master System Pocket Hole Jig

Fully adjustable for timber from 1/2" to 1.1/2" thick in 1/8" increments.With the latest Kreg kregmastersystem.jpgfront clamping design. Includes: K3 drill, guide block, benchtop base, portable base, premium face clamp, material support stop, dust collection shroud, drill bit, depth collar, hex wrench, driver bits, 125 screws and carrying case.


                            Kreg Foreman Pocket Hole Machine

kregforeman.jpg The semi-automatic FOREMAN features a pneumatic drill motor and automatically adjusting air clamping cylinder. To operate, simply position your material to be drilled and pull the lever forward. Quick and easy to use this machine is ideal for small joinery shops or even in the shed of the hundreds of part time cabinet makers. Available in pneumatic and electric ( compressor required for pneumatic version ).  



Kreg Single-Spindle DK1100

kregdk1100tp.jpgThis single spindle machine features the ability to centre a screw in material kregdk1100fp.jpgfrom 1/2" to  1-1/2" , hardened steel drill guides maximize drill bit deflection, and a one touch foot pedal fires the spindle in one second. This machine is available in pneumatic and electric and in bench or cabinet versions. The DK1100 machines are fully automatic and designed to run in high volume production workshops, they are built with industrial quality motors and provide power, precision and reliability.


Kreg Multi-Spindle DK3100 2-Spindle

kregdk3100.jpgTwo Pocket Holes at once ! The DK3100 is the only pocket hole machine that has the ability to drill two pocket holes at once across rails of varying widths. Drill spindles in the machine are fixed at 3/4", 1" and 1-3/4" on center allowing it to drill the most common rail widths of 1-1/2" up to 3-3/4" in one . Three step drill bits are utilized in the machine, one of which is left-handed. With all the features of its single drill cousin, the DK3100 will double your production speed


  Kreg Panel Boring DK5100 5-Spindle

The DK5100 multi-spindle pocket hole machine drills up to five pocket holes at once. The machine kregdk5100.jpgcontains 5 separate drill motors  6" apart. Each drill motor can be used individually  for one, two, three, four, or five pocket holes at a time. This makes these machines perfect for drilling pocket holes in panels to make cabinet sides, floors, walls, and even drawer box components. The DK5100 features all the same quality components as the smaller machines such as, hardened steel drill guides that maximize drill bit life, swing stops that ease material positioning, and a one-touch foot pedal that fires all spindles at once.