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Classic C3 Biscuit Jointer


• Professional machine, ultra smooth 
• Very accurate
• Tilting base
• Blade lock
• Positive stops on angle setting 22.5°, 45°, 67.5°and 90°
• 6 depth pre-sets
• Side scribing TCT blade for clean and precise cuts

Top 20 Bicuit Jointer


• The ultimate biscuit jointer
• Powerful 800W Motor
• Electronic motor control for soft start and no fall off in speed irrespective of the load
• Zero slack in plunging action
• Height adjustment plus or minus 2.0mm x 0.1mm 
• Ability to adjust to exact centre of workpiece
• Very precise attachment-fences
• Extending front fence with detents at 22.5°, 45°, 67.5° and 90°
• Blade with scoring teeth for clean and precise cuts
• Step memory system
• Efficient dust extraction through base

Cantex Lipping Machine


• Super precision professional machine
• Three double sided tungsten carbide knives
• High precision height adjustment
• Outstanding cutting quality
• Improved base plate design
• Supplied in wooden box with service tools

The Lamello Cantex is a truly professional machine aimed at specialist cabinet makers and furniture manufacturers that require a machine for the flush planing of projecting edge lippings, patch type repairs, knots and jointed panels. The machine has recently been updated and now has an improved base plate for the fast and precise trimming of corners where two lippings meet. The quality of the cut on this machine is outstanding even when used against the grain and this is due to the shearing action of the 3 knife cutter block. The machine comes complete with 3 knives, service tools, and the Lamello trademark wooden carry case.