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Mafell Carpentry Tools



 Chain Mortiser LS 103/40 Ec

mafell ls1032.jpg Chain mortising without the drag.
The long guide plate has a large adjusting range and permits work on large timber workpieces.
The tensioning system of the LS 103 Ec allows fast chain replacement. Even retightening of the chain without removing the chain guard is quick and easy.
Optional accessories include the guide support stand for the LS 103 Ec, ideal for precise framing work, particularly indispensable for chain sets of 150 mm (5 7/8 in.)





Carpenter´s 12" Beam Planer ZH 320 Ec  


             mafellplanercomp.JPG                        8" and 10" Available

          Planing width 320m/m                                                              
    Weighs just 35.3 lbs (16 kg)                                         
        Powerful 3.6 hp (2.700 W) single-phase motor
        Continuously variable cutting depth 
        Automatic brake engagement
        Lateral guide roller for maximum use of planing width
        Electronic speed control with smooth starting 
        Excellent sliding properties even with moist timbers due to
        special base-plate structure



    Portable Band Saw Z4/Z 5 Ec

mafellz4.jpgThe new Z 4 E and Z 5 E portable bandsaws  benefits include reduced weight (Z 4 E 13.5 kg, Z 5 E 13.7 kg), enhanced performance, higher torque and excellent handling. The shorter arm of the Z 4 E gives rise to a maximum cutting depth of 225 mm. For thicker work, the otherwise identical Z 5 E offers an impressive cutting depth of 305 mm.

The back-toothed blade facilitates retraction from the cut, which is especially easy if the blade is locked by the mechanical brake.

The unique tilting blade guide allows right-angle cuts to be made up to 90 mm (3 9/16 in.) deep without the opposite side of the blade touching the wood, e.g. when cutting lapped joints.



 Circular Carpentry Saw MKS 185 Ec

mafellmks165e.jpg Due to the use of ultra-modern die-cast magnesium alloys the Carpenters portable circular saws have an extraordinary weight/performance ratio,Tiltable to 60° ,
An easy-to-read scale on the cutting depth adjustment makes work easier and saves tiresome re-measurement.
The saw's handling and behavior are refined by smooth starting, constant speeds under load, speed reduction and overload protection.
The easy-to-use stop system of the MKS 185 Ec and the adjustable hose connector make  work much easier.


Blade diameter 450 m/m

Cutting depth 105-185 m/m

Cutting depth at 450   74-131 m/m

Motor  2800 W

Weight  19.3 kg


also available

MKS130Ec 330m/m Dia, MKS145Ec 370m/m Dia, MKS165Ec 410m/m Dia

Carpenter's Saw ZSX Ec / 400 HM

mafellzsx400.jpgSheer power and high torque take on a whole new meaning with the new high-output CUprex motor. It offers performance-optimized digital electronics and newly developed control technology. Its speed is continuously variable according to the nature of the material and application.

MAFELL´s unique chain guide system ensures consistent accurate cuts.

The ZSX Ec can be tilted on both sides to 60°. The ability to precisely set a wide range of working angles in opposing directions offers maximum convenience.
Automatic chain lubrication with adjustable speed to eliminate oil spillage on timber.

Equally adapted for operation by either right-handed or left-handed users. The ergonomically designed handle and switch arrangement always applies the feed pressure at right angles to the support.