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PH Briquetter



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Briquette material moisture limits: up to 15%-20%

Compacted briquette density: up to 700 kg/m3

Briquette length: 20 - 60 mm

Maximum operating pressure: 8 t

Hydraulic system max. Operating temperature: 50 deg c

Technical Parameters

Type: PH Series

Power input: 3.42 kw

Output: 10 - 15 kg/hour

Weight: 124 kg

Dimensions: 1.7 x 0.52 x 1 m

Supply voltage: 230 v


Wooden Briquettes are a 100% renewable biomass fuel suitable for open fires,

Wood burners, multifuel stoves, Rayburn and Aga stoves, wood burning heaters

And hot water boilers for your home or workshop, they can also be used on

Chimneys, BBQ’s and open fires.

Wooden Briquette logs are carbon neutral to the atmosphere so they do not

Contribute to global warming whatsoever making them an environmentally

Friendly fuel source. The Briquettes are made from compressed sawdust and

Wood shavings. There are no additives or binders used during the production

Process, it is the lignin in the wood and the extreme pressure in production that

Creates a natural binder, making wooden briquettes that are clean and green.

Wooden Briquettes also have the advantage that they are clean to handle and

Store and produce a nice golden flame with a golden glow and lots of heat.

The ash can even be used on the garden as manure once burned. Wooden

Briquettes do not spit and spark unlike conventional logs so are much safer to

Use as a fuel for open fires.