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Startrite TS1 Heavy Duty Table Saw



The TS1 introduces new standards of quality for a heavy duty table saw designed for the busy professional workshop. With its large capacities and robust construction, it is built to give years of reliable and accurate service. The machine is supplied complete with a large squaring frame which is attached to an industrial quality sliding beam and held from beneath by a substantial support arm. With a 1200 mm stroke, the TS1 is ideal for cross cutting 4’ sheets.

In addition to the 315 mm diameter main blade, the machine also features a scoring blade with its own motor, allowing it to be operated independently of the main blade. The fence, which features an accurate micro-adjustment mechanism, is mounted to a solid steel bar with a large cast iron bracket. This design gives smooth, easy movement whilst also allowing solid locking down of the fence. At its farthest position the fence gives support for up to a 900 mm rip cut across the finely ground cast iron table. In addition, the height and angle of both the main blade and scoring blade are controlled independently using separate mechanisms to ensure accurate and secure positioning, essential for successful performance.
Blade diameter               315mm
Scoring blade diameter  120mm
Sliding carriage stroke   1250mm
Depth of cut at 90 deg    102mm
Rip capacity                    900mm
Motor power (1 Phase)   2.5KW
 Startrite TS1.PNG
 Startrite TS1 features.PNG