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Trend Modular Window System


Trend Modular Window System

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timber sample.JPGMake timber windows quickly and accurately on a spindle moulder with minimal set-up time. Using the setting gauge just once to set the height, produce profiles,tenons on sash and frame without altering the machine. The speed with which any size of  window can be produced is dramaticly reduced. 5-styles of window tooling are currently available, ( High Performance, Storm Proof, Sliding Box Sash, Traditional, 9deg EJMA ).




stand photo.JPGThe system comes complete with all the cutters and spacers required for the style of window. Number of pieces in a set ranging from 19-43 cutters and spacers. Many of the cutters are universal for all sets, just add the required tools to buid up from one style to the next. All cutters are disposable carbide tipped for constant diameters and profiles.

With the Trend Modular Window System the time it takes to produce any size of window is reduced to just a few hours. Ideal for companies looking to produce high volumes of windows in quick time. 





Spindle moulder requirements :

spindle appature.JPG

Sliding table ( flush to machine table preffered )

120m/m Spindle height ( 160m/m if using mountable sliding carriage )

7.5 HP Motor minimum

220m/m diameter under machine table

240m/m diameter inside machine hood

Power feed

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